We are the No1 Aesthetic Clinic Spa in Grayshott, our services include:

  • Anti wrinkle injections
  • Fibre Blast
  • Botox/Fillers
  • Lip plump needle/or no needle
  • Laser face and body treatments
  • HiFU non-surgical face lifts
  • Cold sculpting Fat Freeze liposuction non invasive.
  • Scalp tattooing
  • Spmu makeup tattoo-eye liner, lips, brows
  • Microblade eyebrows
  • Skin peel, microdermabrasion and Meso Therapy
  • Henna Brows
  • Prp Vampire facial
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Lava Shell
  • Facials, body wraps and scrubs
  • Waxing of intimate areas, nose and ears.
  • Thread Lifts
  • Tattoo removal
  • Laser treatments
  • Hair extensions
  • LVL lash lifts
  • Eye lash extensions
  • Teeth whitening

 Decleor Spa Treatments 


Quench and Protect, 30 MinNeroli Bigarade,

60 Min Essential Oil Treatment,

90 Min Deeply hydrating and  anti-pollution.
Cocoon and Repair,

30 MinNeroli Bigarade,

60 MinEssential Oil Treatment,

90 Min Instantly nourishing and anti-tightness.Even & Bright,

30 MinSweet Orange,

60 MinEssential Oil Treatment,

90 Min Brightening & anti-dark spot.

Clean & Rebalance, 30 MinYlang Ylang Essential Oil Treatment,

60 MinPurifying & anti-blemish,

90 MinCalm & Strengthen,

30 MinRose Damascena,

60 MinEssential Oil Treatment,

90 Min Soothing & anti-redness.

Smooth & Glow, 30 MinGreen Mandarin,

60 Min Essential Oil Treatment,

90 Min Energising & anti-oxidant using our bamboo gestures.

Plump & Lift 30 Min Lavender Fine

60 MinEssential Oil Treatment.

90 Min
Lifting & anti-ageing using our facial lift yoga gestures. Sculpt & Rejuvenate, 30 MinWhite Magnolia, 60 MinEssential Oil Treatment, 90 Min Redensifying & global anti-ageing,
with facial pilates gestures. TARGETED
Smooth & Revitalise 30 Min
Eye Treatment.Soothing & anti-wrinkle with professional mask and massage for the eye area. SIGNATURE TREATMENTS

Reset & Revitalise, 60 Min
Aromaplastie Ritual Treatment, 90 Min
The very first Decléor bespoke treatment created that brings out your complexion’s natural beauty.The face is perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.
Essential Oils and our blend of flaxseed, sunflowers and plant vitamins.

Top to toe treatment that releases tension and boosts body’s energy thanks to customised Essential Oils.Revitalise & Relax 60 Min
Ultra-Nourishing Facial. 90 Min

Men’s Treatment
Perform & Energise Skin Facial 30Min

Men’s Facial Treatment. 60 MinRebalance & energise.

90 Min Body Treatments
Destress & Rebalance. 60 Min
Cocooning Body Wrap.
Revitalise & Hydrate 60 Min
Energising Body Wrap.
Firm & Tone, 60 Min
Toning Body Wrap.
Polish & Nourish 60 Min
Exfoliating Body Massage.

Pre/Post Natal Treatments
Baby On Board Face and
Body Treatment 60 Min
Pregnancy Massage.
Special Delivery Face and
Body Treatment 60 Min
New mum body massage.

Body Massages
Recover and release tension
Bamboo massage 60 Min
Deep tissue massage powered by
bamboo gestures –
Eucalyptus essential oil restoring
and anti-tension.
Relax and Destress 30 Min
Aromatherapy Massage. 60 Min or 90 Min
Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser 30 Min
Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser 60 Min
Intensely hydrating and de-stress
Aromatherapy hot stone massage 30 Min

More Coming Soon…..