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rejuvi Tattoo Removal System

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Rejuvi Tattoo Remover 10ml

For use only by professional tattoo artists and SPMU artists. License or local authority registration details will be required before supply.

This product is only available to TRADE CUSTOMERS. You must apply for a trade account or contact us to purchase this item.

Not available to the general public, not suitable for home use or home self application.

Rejuvi tattoo remover is a unique method of chemical tattoo removal. The removal solution is introduced via a similar process to tattoo application. The special formulation mobilises undesirable tattoo pigments and captures them in a unique mollecular matrix. The resultant particle is large enough to be ejected by the skins natural healing process.

Rejuvi tattoo remover has advantages in that it is not colour selective, and acts on all colours equally.

Less treatments are generally required than with energy based removal methods.

Suitable for semi permanent cosmetics, (eyebrows) will not cause pigment oxidzation or hair loss like energy based systems.

Can be used to selectivly remove parts of tattoos or permanent cosmetics, for selective removal, reshaping.

Suitable for use to lighten pigments before re-colouring or re-artworking, (cover ups).

Bottle contains 10ml of solution, approx coverage 5 x 50x50mm areas based on 2ml of product used.



Requires sutable training or experience of tattooing or permanent cosmetics.

Consideration should be given to the client requirements and aftercare process. Impropper or incorrect aftercare can greatly increase risk of complications including infection and permanent scarring.

With any method of tattoo removal or invasive skin treatment there are inherrent risks associated with such treatments and process’s. Permanent undesirable skin changes can occur including hypertrophy, keloid, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation or body hair loss. Scarring risk may vary based on client health and circumstances, treatment area and aftercare. Clients must always have such risks explained to them prior to undertaking treatment and must complete suitable consultation and consent documentation.

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Image3Rejuvi Tattoo Remover utilizes an unique chemical extraction mechanism to soften the tattoo pigments and gradually move them to the skin surface. **In Stock, available to registered trade customers only.**

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